SuperNova is a visualized ecological community premised on block chain technology, which is a huge games world itself, in which users can freely trade, set up platforms, release games and experience products. And all these virtual assets will be built by block chain, which will, while furnishing users with revolutionary gaming and trading experiences, decrease the cost of R&D and offering to the greatest extent, and maximum the interests of developers in virtue of the characteristics of block chain.

Gaming, To Experience a Second Life

In this world, users can communicate, browse information, and use applications in the world, just like in the real world, shuttling around, watching movies, competitions, shopping with friends, playing various games, and experiencing different lives.

Trading, Virtual Assets Produce Value

In SuperNova, all virtual assets are redefined by the block chain at the bottom layer. Users can even purchase their own land, build their own buildings, open shops, trade all sorts of virtual goods, intellectual property rights and virtual services, all of which will rely on the block chain to generate actual value.

Creating, To Publish Your Content

In SuperNova, anyone can become a developer and publish his own application or game. and rely on the block chain to secure the value of the virtual assets of games.

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